Sunday, August 30, 2009

September 12, Serrada, Largo Mano, De Cuerdas Seminar

This is truly a rare opportunity to learn about SLD and the Filipino Escrima Systems of Serrada, De Cuerdas, and Largo Mano as taught by Dentoy Revilar. Dentory was one of the original students of Angel Cabales and Leo Giron. He is reveered throughout the escrima community as an outstanding instructor and and a vital link to escrima's past. Traditionally kept to backyard sessions amongst family and close friends, you now have the opportunity to learn from two of Dentoy's most senior and seasoned instructors: Dexter Labonog and Bobby Antuna. Both Dexter and Bobby have been active Escrimadors since the mid seventies. Price includes fun times with good people. Sponsored by Bahala Na Multi-Style Club of Stockton.

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